Leuk stukje op Prewarcar.com: Light up!

photo When Hubert Kranz commisioned a one seater Austin Seven Special from Jansen Coachbuilding he also asked to take the idea of the cigar shaped vintage racer one puff further.  Bas Jansen got lighted by enthusiasm. When the body was ‘rolled out’ he instructed his painter and air spray artist to give a good look at a well made handbuilt cohiba. And perhaps they even gave attention to Austin’s  long standing association with cigars. Anyway, by now the ‘Cohiba Special’ is nearly finished and you must agree with us that Bas Jansen and his crew did a well fermented paintjob.  The object will be presented at PreWarCar’s stand at Retro Classics in Stuttgart  You are most welcome to savour the aroma, but please leave your matches at home!

Bron: http://www.prewarcar.com/magazine/previous-features/light-up-017271.html


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