A PreWar race car

Your own PreWar Race Car for 10.000 euro ??

Austin Seven JA10

Based on the famous Austin Seven we have developed an aluminium Brooklands replica body.
This complete body will cost you 5.700,– euro and is painted in your favourite colour.
The price is including alu floor and cycle wings.

At the same time you start working for yourself on the engine and the construction of the chassis.
We have calculated, that according to this basic concept you can become the happy owner

Mooi om te verschillen te zien tussen de verschilende Austin's

of an Austin 7 Brooklands 1927 Replica, ready for take-off and racing.
At your request, we can also assist you for a reasonable compensation in building and constructing the racer in the workshops of our company in Wesepe.
At the same time we are looking for enthousiastic people who are interested and with our support to buy chassis, engines and other parts in the Netherlands or the UK. But Carrosseriebouw Jansen can also deliver to you a chassis with components at your request!

Austin Seven JA7

Normally the engine and mechanical brakes of the standard Austin 7 can be used.
But also an alternate (read: faster) engine of an post-war Reliant in combination with hydraulic brakes can be built-in with minor adjustments.

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