The method to build an Austin Seven Brooklands

You order at Carrosseriebouw Jansen in Wesepe a handmade alu body.

This will be done by means of an orderform.

Austin Seven in de verf

What do you exactly obtain from us for this order:

* 1 aluminium body with alu floor, bulkhead and aluminium frame

* 2-piece bonnet with hinge in the middle (option: with louvres)

* 2 side panels with louvres under the bonnet

* 1 Brooklands front spoiler (option: with louvres)

* Left and right side skirts (option: with louvres)

* Four cycle wings with brackets

All above mentioned parts are painted in maximum 2 colours of your choice


You will provide for components such as a modified chassis* with steering gear and brakes.

You will also provide for the engine, the illumination and components of the interior.

If required we can advise you and intermediate on all these aspects.

In consultation with you and for a fair compensation we do have space in our workshops available for you.

*(if required, the complete chassis can be ordered at Carrosseriebouw Jansen as well)

Options for extra deliveries:

* 1 aluminium fuel tank with tank cap.
* The chassis,as provided by you, boxed and powdercoated.
* The front axle and shockerbrackets as provided by you, powdercoated.
* Mounts voor Reliant engine on Austin chassis incl. powdercoating.
* Revision of your front axle and engine (price upon request )
* Wheel rim powdercoated (price per rim)

Just in case:

If you are not interested to build your own car:

Carrosseriebouw Jansen can build it for you up to your requirements and ready

for the road or racing circuit!

For more info call 0031-570531286



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